Women 2014 was commissioned by the Leadership California Institute with the objective of identifying the political, geographic and demographic profiles of women currently serving in office in order to provide meaningful insight into the pathways taken by women successfully elected to represent California's cities, counties and schools.

Drawing from GrassrootsLab's proprietary database and city manager biographies carefully compiled by the GrassrootsLab team, California City Manager 2015 Report offers a snapshot of the current pool of individuals who are charged with some of the most crucial responsibilities in city government. By highlighting significant statewide trends as they pertain to city managers' educational and professional background, annual salary, and gender composition, we can have a more concrete understanding of the professional path to municipal management.

335 cities went to the polls Tuesday, November 4 to decide more than 900 available seats. GrassrootsLab tracked these races and identified the key trends that shaped this election. Among them:

  • More than 920 mayoral and council seats were decided, and Incumbents won just over half (55 percent) of them. This bucks the traditional trend of 30-35% turnover.

  • Business lead the ranks of ballot designations, tallying almost triple any other profession. Education, public safety and legal round out the top fields.